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House Teams

At Evelyn Street we pride ourselves on rewarding individuals who strive to achieve their best. As part of this, we use a rewards system called Vivo to reinforce our commitment to achievement.

Vivo points are rewards which children collect for aiming high in different areas of school life. Children will be individually awarded Vivo points from a member of staff for a range of actions including:

  • Excellent class work or homework;
  • Following our school values;
  • Being helpful around school;
  • Excellent attendance and punctuality.

Each child has their own private profile which shows how many points they have earned and the actions they were rewarded for as well as the teacher or member of staff that awarded those points. Pupils can choose to save their points, or redeem them in the online store – all items are delivered to school and will be given out by class teachers.

Not only do the children earn Vivo points for themselves, but they also earn them for their house team! Each team is made up of children from Years 1 to 6 and staff members.

Our teams are:

  • Red Team: Barn Owls
  • Blue Team: Eagle Owls
  • Orange Team: Snowy Owls
  • Yellow Team: Tawny Owls

Throughout the year, we aim to have several opportunities for the children to work alongside their House Team members, though the most awaited is Sports Day. The children compete in different activities wearing their team colours and receive points for winning events. The points earned from Sports Day are added to Vivos accumulated throughout the year, the team with the most points will be awarded the House Team Trophy and have their team name added to the House Team Shield.

You can see which team is currently in the lead here.

Red Team: Barn Owls

Our Barn Owl staff members are:

  • Miss Westwell
  • Miss Hughes
  • Miss Wilkinson
  • Mrs Breary
  • Mrs Hampson
  • Mrs Tonge
  • Miss Bland

Blue Team: Eagle Owls

Our Eagle Owl staff members are:

  • Miss Irvine
  • Miss Cleary
  • Miss Stone
  • Miss Cooper
  • Mrs Taylor
  • Mr James
  • Mrs Smith

Orange Team: Snowy Owls

Our Snowy Owl staff members are:

  • Mrs Tobin
  • Miss Leedam
  • Mrs Lafferty
  • Mrs Lawton
  • Mrs Dickenson
  • Miss Baker
  • Mrs Pendlebury

Yellow Team: Tawny Owls

Our Tawny Owl staff members are:

  • Mr Thrasher
  • Mrs George
  • Mrs Stott
  • Mrs Hadwin
  • Mrs Connolly
  • Mrs Burrows
  • Miss Daniels