Ethos & Values

As part of a multi-academy trust, Evelyn Street's ethos and values are grounded in WPAT's guiding principle "To deliver a first-class education through partnership, innovation, school improvement and accountability" and the core values of the trust; Children First, Resilience and Pioneering.

In recognition of the unique characteristics of our school and our social context, we have identified four core values which are personal to Evelyn Street; Resilience, Responsibility, Humility and Honesty.

We consider resilience to be a core character requirement in order for children to be successful. We recognise resilience is the cornerstone value that, if developed well, will support our children to be successful, both personally and professionally. It is vital that from a young age, children learn to overcome difficulties and hardships as they progress through their career in education.

Pupils are reassured that it is okay if things do not go to plan, and to help others in challenging situations. From this, children learn to take responsibility for their actions and for the way they treat others, which will help them in developing the skills to form successful and healthy relationships throughout life. 

We believe that in order for children to make positive contributions in life, they need to recognise that they are part of something greater than just themselves. We teach our pupils about living as part of a community and their responsibility to give back and think of others before themselves.

To that end, we give our children lots of experiences to practice humility. This allows them to recognise the strengths in themselves and in those around them. Pupils are taught to listen to their peers, as well as encourage them when they are struggling, and congratulate them when they succeed.

Children at Evelyn Street are taught to recognise the value of honesty and integrity. We support them in establishing their moral compass, that we hope they will use throughout their journey to becoming trustworthy members of society.