The School Day

Our school office is open from 8am - 4pm.


Our breakfast club is operated by Wasps Link Clubs & Nurseries and opens from 7:30am.

Wasps is accessed via the school office main entrance - there is a bell on the door to press upon arrival. They can be contacted on 01925 818689. 


We have made the deliberate decision to operate on staggered start times. The reason for this decision is so that we can create some order in drop offs and offer a calmer start to the day for children.

As our school is located in a residential area, we always aim to respect our neighbours and these staggered start times allow us to control the amount of traffic and congestion and limit parking issues.

We ask that children do not enter school premises before 8.20am – unless attending school club or breakfast clubs.

The football area must not be used before or after school. This is unlocked during school time only.

At 8.20am the caretaker will open the children’s entrance in time for our children to arrive.

Class Times:

Class 5/6 8.30am – 3pm

Class 3/4 8.40am – 3.10pm

Class 1/2 8.50am – 3.20pm

Class R 8.45am – 3.15pm

Please note that during drop off times, adults/parents are not authorised to enter the building, unless they have an appointment with a staff member or are accompanied by a member of staff. An adult will stand at the door/gates to greet the children.

Parents/carers should be advised to make an appointment at the office if they wish to speak to a member of staff.

At 9.00am the caretaker will close the gates and check all doors are locked (following fire procedure guidelines)


Children must enter through the main office entrance and sign in.


The school gates are opened at 3pm to allow safe collection of children.

We ask that families do not bring dogs on the school grounds.


Children are taken to the school office by a member of staff and they must wait with them for the parent/carer to arrive.

Children in YRs 4/5 & 6 are allowed to leave school on their own, but only with parent’s permission. Parents must inform the school office in writing if they are allowing their child to walk home.