Term Dates

Below you will find our term dates for this academic year and next.

The decisions we make around our term dates are made with careful consideration for the wellbeing and learning of all our children.

Ideally, each school term is no longer than 13 weeks. We aim to have 13 weeks in autumn term, 12 weeks in spring term and 13 weeks in summer. Our thinking behind this is to balance our curriculum coverage evenly across the year.

We secure high quality learning experiences for pupils and offer a broad curriculum, and to this end, we have attempted to minimise any disruption caused by a concentration of bank holidays, coupled with a holiday period.

In order to avoid a further increase in the extended break in summer term, we have placed an additional week in October to maintain a sense of balance throughout the year.

Our decision was a collective decision agreed with each school and was based on our professional judgement around the needs of our 2,000 children across the Trust.

Our desire to align term dates across all our schools ensures that our staff are to work efficiently and effectively together to the benefit of all children and staff.

Please note that WPAT do not authorise holidays in term time, and are in the process of producing a fining system for families who decide to take their children out of school for holidays. You can find additional information by clicking here.

Evelyn Street Term Dates 2023-2024

Evelyn Street Term Dates 2024-2025