PE & Sports Premium

Pupil Sports Premium Offer

In April 2013 the Government announced new funding of £150 million for physical education and sport.

This funding is to help schools to provide a breadth in PE & Sport provision including increase in pupils involvement in sport, healthy lifestyles and performance levels.

Evidencing the Impact of Primary PE and Sport Premium 2023-2024


We have chosen to use this funding to:


  • Pay external coaches to run competitions to increase participation in local, regional and national competitions.
  • Quality assure sports coaches & in sports clubs.
  • Buy into existing local sports network: Warrington’s Schools Sports Partnerships.
  • Pool resources with our partner school – Bruche Community Primary.
  • Engage the least active pupils in school activities “Change for Life”.
  • Provide training & payment for midday supervisors to introduce games at break & lunchtimes.
  • Employ sports coaches to provide weekly afterschool sports on the school site and across Warrington.


Educational outcomes:


  • The introduction of regular lunchtime sports has been a real success. The number of children participating shows how popular they have become. They have also been an excellent way of introducing myself to the young people and building trust and good relationships. The activities have been linked to major competitions e.g. tennis around Wimbledon time, which is a good way of boosting the children’s awareness and interest in sports and in particular non-major sports. They have also sparked conversations around sports and physical activity with individuals
  • Several children have emerged as strong ‘sports leaders’ and have been used very effectively to help deliver the lunchtime sports. They have helped the activities to run smoothly and enable greater numbers to access them as well as being great role models for other children. At the same time they have been developing their own leadership skills and are now looking to use these skills to greater effect in a wider variety of settings such as Sports Leadership camps
  • We have launched a Competitive Sports after school club which has been linked to events in the Schools Competition Calendar. The numbers for this club have increased regularly from its introduction and its success was particularly evident at the Warrington’s Road to Rio event in June where we entered teams in all events. The feedback from the day was excellent and it has sparked an interest in the children to take part in more of these types of event. The actual sporting performances from the children on the day were very pleasing as well with impressive scores in lots of events
  • We have a Year 6 Sports Crew who have worked on organising competitions. These have gone well and positive comments and feedback was received from children and parents. As a result of the entire process the Sports Crew were a stronger and more efficient team.