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Wouldn’t it be amazing if every child in the UK knew how to recognise the signs of abusive or potentially harmful situations, and had the confidence and self-worth to know what to do to keep themselves safe?

Kidsafe Children’s Charity delivers specialised child protection/safeguarding programmes to children and young people from Early Years Foundation Stage through to High School. Kidsafe was established in 2004 as a unique way of equipping children with the skills needed to protect themselves from all forms of abuse.

The primary purpose of the Kidsafe children's programme is to equip participating children with effective skills to keep themselves safe from the various forms of child abuse without shattering their innocence.

The children's programme is delivered in the classroom setting with active participation from children and class teachers. The course material is age appropriate with key messages being delivered through a variety of media including song, rhyme and action, puppetry, group discussion, games and worksheets.

During the programme the children cover a range of topics including, their own feelings (happy/sad), respecting and valuing their own bodies, bullying, computer and internet safety, inappropriate touching and secrets in relation to abuse. Children devise strategies (as a group and as individuals) for keeping themselves safe. Strategies include the confidence and ability to say ‘NO’ to anything that makes them feel uncomfortable, and children identify their own support network of trusted adults that they can turn to if they are scared or worried about anything.

Since January 2003, the full Kidsafe Child Protection/Safeguarding Programme has been successfully delivered at schools with 1000's of children directly benefiting from participating in the programme.

Mrs Pepperell our Learning Mentor attends annual training to deliver the Kidsafe programme to the children. If you have any concerns or wish to find out more, please contact Mrs Pepperell or click on this link https://www.kidsafeuk.co.uk/