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  • PE with Joe

    PE with Joe

    Each morning at 9:00, Joe Wickes will be presenting a special workout for everyone at home. You don't need any equipment, just use the link below to open the YouTube channel.

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  • Phonics-RWI


    We stronlgly encourage all Reception children to practise phonics at home. This can be done by watching a live RWI session on YouTube. We encourage your child to follow up this session by writing words or sentences with the focus sound.

    • Set 1-live at 9:30am
    • Set 2- live at 10:00
    • Set 3-live at 10:30 (new sounds not yet taught but a good challenge if you feel your child is ready.)

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  • Cosmic Kids Yoga

    Cosmic Kids Yoga

    Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation designed specially for kids. Reception children love getting focused and relaxed by doing yoga to some of their favourite stories.

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  • Story time with your Teachers

    Story time with your Teachers

    We know this is a challenging time for everyone, especially our youngest children. We will be reading and uploading some of their favourite stories. We hope the children find this comforting to see a familiar face. Subscribe to our YouTube channel below.

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Tapestry will our main form of communication during periods of school closure. Uploading learning via Tapestry is optional. However, communication during this challenging time offers children consistency and reassurance. Teachers will happily feedback on activities completed by your child. If communication is not made via Tapestry, a phone call will be made to all our school aged children to ensure their wellbeing and continued education.


Daily Learning

Here is a list of recommended activities:

EYFS Areas of Learning

Recommended Activities

LiteracyPhonics: Watch a Read Write Inc session everyday followed up by writing words/sentence from the session (Reception only)

Reading- children have all been allocated books on Bug Club (Reception only)

Teachers set a daily literacy activity on Tapestry (Reception only)

Teachers will be reading your children's favourite stories and posting to Youtube
MathsTeachers set a daily maths activity on Tapestry (Reception only)

Explore mathematic concepts with NumberBlocks

Mathematical games in Topmarks
Communication & Language Hungry Little Minds has lots of activities to enhance speech and language from birth to 5.
Physical DevelopmentP.E with Joe Wickes
Cosmic Kids
Go Noodle

Gross motor activities such as running, jumping, balancing, bike rides...

Fine motor activities such as beading, lego, playdough...
Understanding the WorldNew lessons added weekly to Oak National Academy

Young People's Trust for the Enviroment home learning packs

Spanish activities on Tapestry

Explore nature, season, plants, growth, families, cultures, traditions and places.
Expressive Arts and DesignNew lessons added weekly to Oak National Academy

Optional learning packs (see below)

Explore music, art, technology, role play, dance and stories.
Personal, Social and Emotional Development Check out weekly Stars of the Week

Resources to support talking about lockdown on Tapestry

Thank you for all your cooperation during this challenging time. The health and well being of your children is our top priority.

Following updated Government guidelines, we aim to relive the pressures of parents home schooling and have tried to ensure our home learning approach is flexible and accessible to all. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need support with any areas of these activities.

Optional Additional Activities

These are resources which your child's class teacher thinks will benefit your child's learning.