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As part of our blended learning offer, we have elected to use Google Classroom as it is a secure and interactive learning network that provides a safe way for your child to access their learning from home. You can access the online platform through your internet browser on a laptop or desktop computer (click the image on the left), or you can download the app on any mobile device - including iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Each day, class teachers will upload a number of assignments for your child to complete that day; it imperative that all tasks are completed. There will also be opportunities for online lessons where your child will be taught remotely by their class teacher; a schedule of these virtual lessons will be uploaded to your child’s Google class.

Google Classroom is used as an educational tool and will be used strictly for educational purposes, and so:

  • Children will be required to use appropriate grammar instead of texting language.
  • The site will be used to discuss school-related content only.

For all guidelines, please see our Digital Offer: Home School Agreement.

Each class has an online area that can be accessed by all children in that class, the class teacher and Mrs Hindley. Your child may also have additional classrooms if they are taught by another adult for a particular subject, such as phonics.

All children have been given their login details. Upon initial login, you may be required to change your password; please ensure this is a strong password that is kept safe and not shared with others.

Although all children have been invited to their online class during setup, it may be necessary to use the ‘Class Code’ if you are unable to see your class. This can be done by clicking on the plus and typing in the Class Code provided with your login details.

Should your child have any difficulties logging in, please see the video below. If they need their login details resetting, please contact the school office as soon as possible.

If your child is unable to attend school for any reason, apart from illness, then we would expect them to be logging into Google Classroom and completing the learning for that day.


As part of our blended learning offer, children in EYFS will be using Tapestry. Tapestry is a secure online learning platform in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. EYFS teachers will use this platform to share lessons and activities during any time of absence due to Covid-19. Parents must upload their child's learning to Tapestry to receive teacher feedback. Parents have all agreed to, and signed our Tapestry agreement letter.

We appreciate that our EYFS children will require parental support to access their online learning, therefore, lessons and activities will be made accessible for a short period of time for families to utilise at a time most convenient to them.

To access digital learning in a time of absence, please log in to Tapestry account, you will see set activities and lesson set by your child's teacher.

Additional Learning Activities

In case of any issues with Tapestry or for additional learning activities, please visit the following page:

Additional Learning Activities-EYFS