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Our curriculum:

Year A: 2019/20

The Early Years Foundation Stage

In Reception we use ‘The Revised Early Years Foundation Stage’ for planning and assessment which is followed in all early years settings. During the year the children will be working to meet the Early Learning Goals across the seven areas of learning. These seven areas are as follows:

PSED - Personal, social, emotional development (developing self-confidence and self-awareness, making relationships as well as managing behaviour and feelings).

CL - Communication and Language (speaking, listening and understanding)

PD - Physical development (moving and handling as well as health and self-care)

LIT - Literacy (reading and writing)

MATHS - Mathematics (numbers, shape, space and measures)

UW - Understanding the World (people and communities, the world and technology)

EAD - Expressive Arts and Design (exploring and using media and materials as well as being imaginative!)

To find out more about each area and how you can support your child’s learning in each area please click on the link: Seven Areas of Learning