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Mrs L. George

Class Teacher

Dear Parent/Carer,
As you are aware I am Mrs George and I will be your child’s year 5/6 teacher and I am really looking forward to working with this class. In order for us to be successful, I would appreciate your continuous help and support.

This year will be a very busy year and your continuous support is very much appreciated. I want to make your child’s time as successful as possible and equip them with the skills needed for year 6 and high school.

If you have any questions or concerns at any point during the year please make an appointment to see me. Any feedback will be very much appreciated and your contribution is highly valued.


In school, the children will receive their year 5 and 6 curriculum, but we require them to revise their knowledge and skills at home. Your child should complete homework independently and if s/he is having difficulties doing this, it is essential I know so that we can support and guide your child into becoming a confident independent learner.

Every Thursday your child will receive a folder of homework .Inside there will be different maths, punctuation, grammar and spelling tasks based on our weekly focus. I encourage the children to look at the tasks as soon as possible and if there are any problems or areas of difficulty they are to talk to me at some point during the week. I expect all homework to be completed and returned to school the following Wednesday (the children will have seven days to complete it). Any homework not completed or not handed in will be completed during your child’s free time the following week. Homework is to be completed in pencil and it is essential handwriting and presentation is neat and of a good standard. I would recommend that the children complete small amounts each night rather than completing it all in one go.

If you have any problems or concerns about homework please message me via you child’s planner or arrange an appointment to discuss.


Individual reading books will be sent home and I expect children to be reading for at least ten minutes every day. It would be beneficial if you could briefly spend some time talking to your child about his/her book to check their understanding. During the week, children will have group reading sessions, which will include comprehensions. The reading completed at home will be an opportunity for children to independently apply learned skills. Could I ask you to please sign your child’s planner when they have read? The children are responsible for changing their reading books when they need to.

I am more than happy for the children to read their own books at home rather than a school book. If they do, please indicate in your child’s planner.

Each week your child will receive 20 spellings based on the year 5 and 6 spelling rules. Additionally the children will also be reviewing and revising the year 3 and 4 spellings, which they will have already learned in previous years. There will be a spelling test every Friday. Previously, children have stated that their weekly successes have been due to parents helping them to learn the spellings and regularly testing them. As well as learning to spell the words I encourage the children to understand their meaning and I expect them to put the words into sentences. For each word I would like one sentence which demonstrates your child has a good knowledge of what it means. Sentences should not be basic and I expect them to be age appropriate, grammatically accurate and spelt correctly.
Times tables

It is important that your child has a secure knowledge of all of the times tables in order for him/her to access the year 5 and 6 maths curriculum. Each week the children will have a times tables test to develop their rapid recall.


Your child will continue to learn Spanish with our tutor every Thursday.


P.E lessons are every Wednesday morning with Miss Greenhalgh and Mr Cooney. A P.E kit needs to be in school for all P.E sessions. Please see your child’s planner for a Kit list.